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Refuge Requirements

If you are planting Bt corn this spring, you need to plant a non-Bt refuge too.

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How much refuge do I need to plant?

The amount of refuge that you need depends on the type of Bt hybrid that you have purchased.  Go to the REFUGE SELECTOR to find out how much refuge you need to plant for your situation and what refuge hybrids are available in your area.

Where should I plant the refuge?

• Refuge for ECB Bt Hybrids must be within 400 metres (1/4 mile) of the Bt field.
• Refuge for CRW Bt Hybrids or stacked ECB & CRW Bt hybrids must be planted within or adjacent to the Bt field in a field with the same crop rotation history. Go to the REFUGE SELECTOR to find out where your refuge must be planted based on the Bt hybrid you have purchased.

What can I plant as refuge?

• DO NOT mix Bt and non-Bt corn seed on farm at/or before planting.
• Conventional or single trait herbicide tolerant corn hybrids can be used if they are of similar maturity and agronomics as the Bt corn hybrid (within 100-150 CHU). They must also be planted at the same time as the Bt corn.
• To find out what refuge hybrids are available in your area, go to the REFUGE SELECTOR. It not only explains how much refuge you require based on the Bt products you have purchased but it also provides you with a list of refuge hybrids available in your CHUs.

Can I use insecticides in the refuge?

• The refuge may be treated for corn rootworm (CRW) larval control with soil-applied or seed insecticides if economic thresholds prescribe it.
• If thresholds indicate that control is warranted, the non-Bt refuge may be treated with a foliar insecticide (except those that contain Bt) for control of other caterpillar pests (eg. Western bean cutworm).  If the refuge is treated, the Bt corn must also be treated.
• Mixing Bt and non-Bt corn seed on-farm or at planting is NOT permitted.
• Keep accurate records of where the Bt and refuge plantings are.  Monitor for potential insect resistance and for other diseases or pest issues within both the refuge and Bt fields.

Planting Configurations:

There are serveral refuge planting options available depending on the shape of your field and distance that the refuge needs to be planted. 

Click to view potential PLANTING CONFIGURATIONS which are also available within the REFUGE SELECTOR