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Insect Resistance Management (IRM)

As a grower, your IRM responsibilities fall into three main categories:


You are required to plant a refuge when using Bt corn. You must follow the refuge requirements specific to the type of Bt corn you plant; the size and location of the refuge required varies depending on which Bt hybrid trait is used and which insect is being controlled. More...


Scout for insects and diseases in both your Bt and non-Bt (refuge) plantings. Look for signs of suspicious feeding activity by the target pests. Notify seed company representatives or extension agents immediately if you suspect a problem. Early detection of resistance will allow us to respond quickly to potential reduce the spread of resistance to Bt. More...


Keep accurate records of where Bt and non-Bt corn has been planted and which hybrids were planted. This helps both you and your company representative compare the performance of your Bt and refuge hybrids as well as recognize an immediate problem of suspicious feeding activity in the Bt corn. CFIA requires all growers to maintain good records in the event that they should be required to inspect your field. Form