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Are Canadian Growers Following IRM?

Every two years since 2001, grower compliance to IRM requirements has been monitored through a telephone survey of growers in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba, conducted by a third party market research firm. Results from 2015 indicate very high compliance levels (91%), mainly due to the growth in popularity of Integrated Refuge hybrids, with their built in compliance to the refuge requirement. For a copy of the 2015 report, please contact an executive member of the CCPC.

Both the CCPC and CFIA continue to work together to increase grower awareness of the mandatory IRM strategies in hopes to increase the level of compliance in Canada. In addition, in years when the phone survey is not conducted, the CFIA perform on-farm field inspections on some farms in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba to verify that growers are complying with the IRM requirements. It is therefore important for Canadian growers to keep accurate field records of where their Bt and refuge corn are planted to help make the inspection process easier for both the grower and the CFIA representative.