WBC Trap Network

An extensive network of Western Bean Cutworm (WBC) traps across Ontario and Quebec will be used to detect the peak adult moth flights of this corn and dry bean pest. Trap catches will guide field scouting activities and the timing of management of WBC and will also be used to determine the extent of the expanding distribution of WBC.

Watch for weekly maps showing updates on trap catches province-wide (here).



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Trapping WBC - Instructions

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WBC Scouting and Training Material - Presentations

Click on the title above for more resources and presentations related to Western Bean Cutworm (WBC), including VERY useful tools for identifying WBC.

Weekly Maps of WBC Trap Catches and Archives

Click on the underlined titles to access the maps.  Once the map is accessed, click on the map image to enlarge the map for better viewing.  Archives located here as well - ** In the Archives section are all previous year's WBCTN Participant's Reports. **